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Key Result Areas:

Overseeing the implementation of strategic initiatives, from development through execution, under the supervision of senior leadership.

Assisting executive leadership in decision-making and program management.

Improving the organizational structure by addressing knowledge and skill gaps.

Reviewing, designing and implementing improvements to organizational procedures and structure to increase efficiency.

A Chief of Staff uses strong diplomatic, leadership and problem-solving skills to enable and enhance the daily operation of a company.

Developing and building relationships with employees, improving their efficiency in existing and new operations

Communicating on behalf of the GCFO.

Serving as the liaison between employees, executives and GCFO regarding employee well-being, company climate and the success of programs and proposals.

Anticipating, addressing, and resolving employee concerns in collaboration with the PICG.

Collaborating with executive leadership to determine and implement business strategies while also providing consultation for improvements.

Assisting with the planning, coordination and leading of meetings and workshops.

Developing action plans for the dissemination of information across the organization.

Providing support to executive leadership with implementing new ideas and processes.

Overseeing the daily operations of the organization with the guidance of senior leadership and performing administrative tasks, including managing calendars, maintaining files, planning, and coordinating annual meetings

Working with leadership to measure team performance and provide tactical support to implement new ideas.

Overseeing initiatives from ideation to implementation.

Working with leadership to implement, monitor and present the progress of plans and goals.

Helping to identify and tackle core problems in business processes.

Providing senior leadership with insight and analysis of the company’s operations

Assisting with risk assessment of new initiatives and business decisions

Represent CAG in various key forums and committees to drive bank-wide/CAG-wide initiatives such as Digital Exco and other bank-wide initiatives that require CAG resources.

Resolve intergroup issues that impact CAG through negotiations and coordination.

Ensure timely and effective completion of projects and initiatives of CAG.

Work with relevant stakeholders to ensure that a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery policy is in place for CAG.

Support Group CFO with strategy materials, monthly reviews with CEO, Exco presentations, Townhalls and offsites, regular communications to CAG including eDMs and Quarterly Reviews.

Drive the execution of strategic initiatives including Bank’s approved business expansion plans.

Develop and manage the methodology, policies and procedures relating to the CAG plans, MBOs, KPIs, cost allocations and ensure that the processes operate efficiently and in conformity with business needs.

Coordinate, manage and drive CAG Management Agenda

Establish SLAs with support functions in H.O. and monitor the Operations, Technology & other support functions across CAG to ensure service delivery in accordance with SLAs.

Work closely with Ops/IT/Audit/Compliance/CAD/PMAD/Admin & other business partners at HO to initiate & monitor implementation activities relating to technology & business support projects across all CAG locations.

Extend support to Group CFO on Compliance and AML related matters by actively engaging with the Compliance resources.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

Proficiency in all round Banking Operations, Risk & Internal Controls is a pre- requisite.

Skills in preparing professional presentations (PowerPoint) is an advantage.

Incumbent to have hands on comprehensive banking experience of 15 years gained through broad & diversified exposure to complex Corporate Business models, operational, technology & general administrative

Comprehensive knowledge of the domestic & international markets where Mashreq

Ability to transform data into intelligence and useful management

Good analytical/ problem solving skills and knowledge of functional topics such as Strategy, Operating Model, Organization, Market research, Corporate Finance and Corporate Banking products.

Demonstrated leadership skills to include visionary strategic planning capacity together with interpersonal and communication (verbal & written) skills.

One of the UAEs best performing banks for over five decades, Mashreq is a leading financial institution with an expanding footprint across the Middle East and North Africa with a strong presence in the financial capitals of the world with international offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the US.


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