Classroom Assistant Job In Abu Dhabi


Duties & Responsibilities

− Provide support for individual pupils / groups of pupils inside and outside the classroom to enable them to fully participate in a range of activities during the school day and to provide for their social, emotional and physical well-being.

− Be pro-active in matters relating to health and safety

− Assist in the implementation of individual education programmes for individual pupils / groups of pupils and help monitor their progress

− Support pupils with additional support needs e.g. emotional and behavioural difficulties and help to develop their social skills

− Assist class teachers with maintaining pupil records

− Prepare and present displays of pupils’ work

− Support class teachers in photocopying and other tasks in order to support teaching

− Support the aims of the school; comply with the requirements of health and safety, other relevant legislation and school policies

− Set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance

− Attend team and staff meetings as required

− Work with other professional’s e.g. speech therapists, occupational therapists etc. as necessary


− Giving group instruction as prescribed by the teacher/providing individual instruction

− Academic assistance

− Demonstrating various instructional activities

− Monitoring work assigned by teacher – checking and correcting pupils’ work while in progress

− Keeping pupils on task

− Praising and reinforcing achievements of pupils/reporting pupil progress to teacher

− Reorganising materials at the end of the day

− Checking attendance

− Supervising pupils in the classrooms and other locations

− Participating in development of behaviour policy/promoting pupils self esteem

− Disciplining misbehaviour in line with the whole school policy


Minimum Qualification

To have a minimum secondary school certificate.

Minimum Experience

At least two-year experience in School field.

Job Specific Knowledge & Skills

English language skills or the language applied in the school curriculum.

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