Corporate Performance Expert Job In Abu Dhabi

Duties and Responsibilities;

Comply with ADAFSA’s policies and procedures and Strategy Division Strategy.

Ensure assessment of the necessity of updating the Authority’s vision and mission and provide assistance to senior management in their reformulation.

Ensure the development of a strategic system based on forecasting future trends within the Authority’s field of work.

Ensure the preparation, review and updating of the Authority’s strategy in collaboration with the work team. This includes defining priorities, objectives, initiatives, strategic projects, implementation plans, and their requirements, following established procedures.

Oversee the updating process of methodologies and models for strategic planning, strategic maps, and government achievement cards for the sector, strategic dashboards, ensuring their regularity and accuracy of data.

Ensure the study, development, and implementation of the primary draft of international agricultural and food policies aligned with strategic directions and international best practices. Coordinate and consult with the concerned in the Authority to enhance food security and ensure economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Provide support in developing and proposing standard operating procedures and requirements for management, ensuring compliance with the Operations Manual.

Provide input on draft agricultural and food policies proposed by federal and local government agencies to ensure integration with the Authority’s issued and approved policies.

Review measures to mitigate potential risks, oversee the development and implementation of risk management policies and procedures to address identified risks.

Ensure compliance with policies across ADAFSA’s various operational sectors.

Supervise the review and evaluation of the main performance framework in coordination with relevant authorities based on performance results and the Authority’s strategy

Ensure that performance policy requirements are clearly identified and effectively communicated to all relevant departments within the Authority.

Ensure effective performance measurement, oversee the analysis of results, and make recommendations for improving operational and development plans.

Manage the organizational performance program and oversee the the timely updating of relevant information.

Oversee the development of Operational Level Agreements (OLA) within ADAFSA.

Collaborate with the relevant departments to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with the Authority’s strategic plan.

Ensure that the performance indicators of each department are established and coordinated accordingly.

Contribute to the development and proposal of projects for the Authority within the Abu Dhabi Emirate’s Plan. Coordinate and communicate with relevant internal authorities.

Follow up the preparation of work plans for strategic projects within the Authority and detailed plans for current and future projects within the Abu Dhabi Emirate’s Plan. Coordinate with relevant authorities.

Coordinate with other departments and external entities involved in the implementation of strategic initiatives and projects for the sector and the Section, to clarify action plans, monitor implementation progress, verify results, and align them with current trends and industry developments.

Study and develop recommendations on the economic feasibility of future initiatives, projects, and services prepared by the Authority’s organizational units.

Offer technical support and guidance to all relevant departments and entities regarding performance follow-up reports and Oversee the study and analysis of the current situation of the Authority and the sector.

Supervise the study, preparation, updating and evaluation of the impact of government support programs in alignment with strategic

directions and best international practices, to enhance food security and sector sustainability.


Ph.D. in Business Administration, Strategic Planning or any similar, or a related field.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in the field.

Advanced proficiency in Arabic and English languages (both written and spoken

Abu Dhabi Agriculture & Food Safety Authority is the local authority in charge of agriculture, food safety, food security and biosecurity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It aims to develop a sustainable agriculture and food sector and protect the health of animals and plants to enhance the biosecurity and achieve food security. In addition, the authority is responsible for preparing plans, programs and activities in the field of agriculture, food safety and food security
The authority is assigned to control and inspect the Emirate’s food and agriculture establishments, farms, agricultural inputs, imported and exported food and agricultural items or those produced in the country and circulated in the Emirate, to ensure the access of safe food to the community. It also supervises the establishment and management of emergency food reserves in cooperation with the competent authorities.
The Authority is creating partnerships and investments with investment funds, investors and the private sector in the areas of its work, as well as issuing the needed licenses and permits to undertake any agriculture or food activity according to legislation in force.

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