Director Project Concept Development Job In Dubai


Your Key Accountabilities:

Project Planning and Conceptualization:

Develop and refine creative and innovative entertainment concepts that resonate with target audiences.

Lead the planning process, including site selection, layout design, and thematic elements integration.

Collaborate closely with architects, designers, and cross-functional engineering teams to ensure that creative concepts can be effectively translated into engineering and operational realities.

Team Leadership and Collaboration:

Lead a multidisciplinary team, designers, engineers, and consultants.

Collaborate with internal departments (e.g., marketing, operations, finance) to ensure project alignment with organisational goals.

Coordinate with the construction team to translate the project to realities

Budgeting and Resource Allocation:

Conduct rigorous engineering feasibility analysis for proposed concepts, considering factors such as design, budget, and safety regulations.

Develop and manage project budgets, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adherence to financial targets.

Allocate resources efficiently, including personnel, materials, and contractors, to meet project milestones.

Implement cost control measures, value engineering and identify opportunities for cost savings.

Dubai Holding is a diversified global investment company that continues to power Dubais growth across 10 sectors, including Real Estate, Hospitality, Leisure & Entertainment, Media, ICT, Design, Education, Retail, Manufacturing & Logistics and Science.
Since 2004, we have made strides with an effective strategy aimed at supporting an innovation-driven, knowledge-based economy. This is in line with Dubais long-term ambition of becoming a leading global hub for business and tourism.
Follow our journey as we invest in making a lasting impact on Dubai, its people and our economy #ForTheGoodofTomorrow .


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