Economist Specialized – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Duties and Responsibilities:

Conducting research and preparing reports related to Economic and Financial topics

Providing training courses, workshops, and technical assistance in the fields related to the national accounts system, economic analysis, and methods of collecting and estimating data in the national accounts system.

Economic forecasting and analysis of the macro and sectoral impacts of economic policies.

Participate in the development of “Arabstat” initiative.

Knowledge in methods of constructing relevant statistical indicators.

Selection criteria, Academic qualifications and experience required:

Arab country’s citizen.

A Ph.D. in economics or statistics from a reputable university with 4 years of experience in areas related to the work of the Arab Monetary Fund, preferably in a leading role in central banks, ministries of finance, research centers, or similar regional and international institutions.

Deep knowledge in data analysis, econometrics, economic modeling and forecasting.

Having recent publication in refereed economic journals in the economic, financial, and monetary fields.

Ability to provide training in the required fields of specialization mentioned above.

Deep knowledge in data analysis, econometrics, and economic modeling programs.

Familiarity with requirements of relevant statistical guidelines issued by international bodies.

Fluent in Arabic, English, and French is a plus.

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