Environment Specialists – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Responsibilities :

Operational Support

– Participate in the identification, appraisal, design and implementation of investment programs and projects to evaluate environmental and social sustainability and support clients in carrying out environmental and social assessments.

– Appraise the environmental risks and impacts associated with investment projects, both Sovereign-backed Financings (SBF) and Non-sovereign-backed Financings (NSBF) including financial intermediaries (FI) Projects, against the requirements of AIIB’s ESP. More specifically, this responsibility includes:

Screening for potential ES risks and impacts and proposing the ES category for the Project.

Screening for climate change related risks and impacts and supporting Clients in managing those risks and impacts during preparation and implementation of Projects.

Conducting due diligence assessment of ES aspects of the SBF, NSBF (including FI) Projects and undertaking field visits if needed, for assessing the ES feasibility of the Project.

Guiding the clients on preparation and implementation of environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) and environmental management plans across priority infrastructure sectors such as water, urban, energy and transport as per the requirements of AIIB ESP.

Supporting the Clients on stakeholder consultations and disclosure of ESIAs and related studies.

Monitoring implementation of the ES aspects of the Project and addressing any issues that arise during Project implementation, including any changes in Project design or scope.

Assisting the clients to address any non-compliance with its ES obligations by providing support to develop, recommend, and monitor courses of action/corrective measures required of the client to bring the Project back to compliance with the AIIB’s ES Policy.

Conducting reviews of country’s relevant environmental laws and regulations and corporate environmental management systems and their institutional capacities to implement, in order to determine their potential for selective partial or full use in AIIB-financed projects.

Knowledge Management and Capacity Building

– Contribute to AIIB’s knowledge base on environmental and social aspects, particularly related to climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services, and emerging ESG frameworks.

– Develop and conduct training on environmental and social sustainability of infrastructure Projects and ES aspects and requirements of AIIB’s ESP for AIIB staff, consultants and clients.


The (Senior) Environmental Specialist must have proven ability to carry out complex tasks as part of multi-disciplinary teams, capacity to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines; and ability to work with Project Teams, Clients and key stakeholders on managing environmental and social risks and impacts.


Advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in environmental or natural science, engineering, planning or related discipline.

Minimum 5-10 years of relevant experience (5-8 for Specialist, 8-10 for Senior Specialist) in environmental planning and management either working for, or as a government counterpart or consultant to, a multilateral development bank (MDB), bilateral donor or a private sector organization.

Professional Competencies:

Proven application of professional expertise in planning, management and monitoring of the environmental aspects of infrastructure programs and projects, including in sectors such as energy, transport, water and urban development.

Demonstrated experience with the planning, preparation and implementation of project-level environmental and social assessments and related types of studies, including environmental and social management plans and frameworks.

Effective ability to participate in project development, design, conduct of feasibility studies and consultations with stakeholders; and demonstrated experience in monitoring E&S aspects during implementation.

Proven ability to work with public and/or private sector clients and financial intermediaries, and development partners (MDBs, bilateral development organizations and development finance institutions) of AIIB in an effective and professional manner in both formal and informal settings.

Experience with the development and implementation of environmental strategies, policies, and procedures.

Experience in working with civil society organizations and nongovernmental organizations.

Communication and Team Skills:

Proficient oral and written communication skills in English, knowledge of a language(s) of a country in which AIIB invests would be an advantage.

Strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams.

Ability to coach/mentor more junior staff.


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