GIS Specialist – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What You’ll Be Doing

Searches for and compiles field data based on project needs and specifications. Screens available data for relevance and applicability.

Designs GIS, database, and analytical processes. May include system development (e.g., tailoring hardware, software, and data configurations to meet project needs).

Designs and develops GIS automation processes for internal use. Modifies application code to customize automation processes.

Utilizes various spatial analysis methods (interpolation, modeling, etc.) to depict patterns and trends of geographic data.

Integrates hardware, software, and data. Assesses precision and accuracy of GIS data; makes decisions regarding relevance to projects. May integrate non-GIS data with GIS applications, as appropriate.

Performs quality assurance on GIS data and processes.

May evaluate commercial GIS applications, and design and develop GIS applications for internal use and client deliverables.

Produces client deliverables in both hardcopy and digital format.

Provides guidance to GIS technicians assigned to project.

Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.

What Required Skills You’ll Bring

Bachelor’s degree in GIS, Geography, Geomatics Engineering, Surveying Engineer or equivalent

10+ years of related experience

Proficiency in BIM and GIS

Proficiency in GIS software applications and programming is required. Also requires a demonstrated proficiency in both written and oral communication skills and a working knowledge of industry practices. In addition, the incumbent must possess the following specific skills and competencies:

Well-developed skills with one or more GIS packages including scripting, programming, modeling, and designing.

Ability to design and maintain GIS databases and other database formats such as Microsoft Access, dBase, etc.

Proficiency in cartography and map design, including coordinating systems, projections, and map scales.

Ability to utilize, convert and incorporate various types of data into GIS. Examples of this data include Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and database files.

Knowledge of programming and scripting languages such as Visual Basic, Python, HTML, AML, EML, Cold Fusion, etc.

Systems automation skills (e.g., UNIX scripts, NT batch scripts, Linux scripts)

Systems and peripheral troubleshooting skills

Ability to independently assess data anomalies, software problems, and program design flaws, and take appropriate steps to make the project work.

Ability to ascertain hardware/software limitations, how to work within them, and what can be done when limits are reached.

Ability to communicate results of assigned tasks in writing.

Ability to document work performed on a project in project logs.

Ability to document specific information about project data in the metadata file.

Proficiency in basic office automation software including MS-Word or MS-Excel.

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