Guest Laundry Valet – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To collect and return all guest laundry from and to the rooms, respecting all the hotel standards and procedures.

To count and sort all the linen in the sorting area and prepare them for the washer, dry cleaner in appropriate action.

To respect deadlines for guest laundry service.

To check all guest garments before and after washing for stains, defects and take appropriate action.

Any stains or defects should be immediately reported to Valet Supervisor or Assistant Laundry Manager for appropriate actions.

To have a full knowledge and understanding of different textiles and their proper care.

To report any found items to the Supervisor.

To ensure cleanliness and orderliness of work area.

To ensure all the equipment is clean and well maintained.

To co-ordinate closely with laundry attendant to ensure smooth workflow and to assist them in daily operations.

To report any guest comment or complaint to the Valet Service Supervisor.

To escort the guests rather than pointing out directions.

To respect guest privacy and information confidentiality.

To daily read the logbooks and to be updated with the latest internal changes and news.

To be entirely flexible and adapt to rotate within the different sub sections of the Housekeeping Department.

To carry out any other reasonable duties as assigned by the Valet Service Supervisor and the Assistant Laundry Manager.

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