Health and Safety Officer Job In Dubai


As a Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO), you will:

• Report directly to the Project Manager and under general direction, provides, prepares, and enforces the U.S. Navy and KBR safety program.

• Report Indirectly to Readiness & Sustainment Support Service Managers for the execution of technical responsibilities and functional tasks in assisting the Program to achieve operational excellence.

• The SSHO shall manage and lead KBR Health, Safety, and Environment (“HSE”) initiatives and personnel at all three (3) locations in UAE.

• Interfaces with regulatory bodies, clients, and subcontractors. Incorporates health standards directed by regulatory agencies to prevent hazards and diseases from work sites.

• Coordinates the delivery of HSE products and services to operations and shared services personnel, in support of business acquisition and execution.

• Accountable for the performance and results of a related discipline or sub-group within a function. Manages the delivery of functional objectives by providing leadership and direction to team members. Participates in the development of functional strategy and may be responsible for global processes and procedures.

• Executed the processes that directly impact training, reporting, quality control, plan development and implementation.

• Participates in the development of functional strategy and may be responsible for global processes and procedures.

• The SSHO or an equally qualified Designated Representative/alternate shall be on-site at all times when work is being performed to implement and administer the Contractor’s safety program and government-accepted Accident Prevention Plan.

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