Health Officer Job In Abu Dhabi


Personnel Qualifications

According to environmental features and the specific nature of work they perform in SAABU, Medical Staff shall be qualified in:

· Primary care;

· Handling major emergencies such as: heart attacks, respiratory insufficiency, burns and traumas;

· Preventing and curing of infectious diseases;

· Managing basic problems of regulations governing occupational health.

To face specific organizational requirements, Medical Staff shall have basic computer skills and be qualified in:

· Evaluation of health risks;

· Management of the infirmary;

· Health education and first aid training;

· Records keeping and reporting;

· Control of industrial and food hygiene and exposure to any environmental risks;

· Vaccinations;

· Maintaining good relations with local medical authorities, with employees, with the line and functional management and with the Client’s representatives.

Preventive medical activities

Since preventive activities assure the best efficacy in medical care, it is necessary to:

· Carry out and/or assure that the operations laid down in SAABU Work Instruction “Fitness Medical Examinations” are carried out.

· Carry out the operations laid down in the Corporate Standard “Hygiene Surveillance”

· Carry out the operations laid down in the Corporate Standard “First Aid Training Program”

· Evaluate existing health risks within the unit concerned.

· Perform specific immunization programs stipulated for the geographic area/type of work concerned

· Perform a continuous monitoring of the state of health of the employees and temporarily exclude from the working activities those who are not fit to perform their duties.

Administrative activities

Administrative activities required of the SAABU Medical Staff include, but are not limited to:

· Correct handover of duties from one shift to another;

· Maintaining good relations with the local medical structures selected in order to manage any possible emergencies safely;

· Maintaining contacts with Operational Managers in order to have plane transport availability when necessary;

· Keeping local and Head Office Managers of SAABU or of the Group informed about the local medical situation;

· Recording data and preparing reports as laid down in the Corporate Standard “Medical Reporting”

· Organizing a filing system comprising at least:

Chemical data sheets;

Data related to periodical checks of the electric/electronic equipment of the infirmary;

Instruction manuals for electric/electronic equipment of the infirmary;

Register controlled drugs;

Checklist of the emergency medicines available in the infirmary and ambulance (if available);

Data related to ambulance control (if available) and to equipment and instruments contained therein;

Data related to location and inspections of first aid boxes and stretchers;

Data related to operations laid down in the Corporate Standard “Hygiene Surveillance”

Data related to operations laid down in the SAABU Work Instruction “Fitness Medical Examinations”

Data related to operations laid down in the Corporate Standard “First Aid Training Program”

Data related to the services given to personnel not belonging to Saipem Group of Companies.

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