Laboratory Analyst Job In Abu Dhabi

Duties and Responsibilities;

Comply with the organization’s policies, procedures, and Biosecurity Affairs Division strategy.

Participate in epidemiological investigation of diseases and related analyses.

Conduct all types of diagnostic laboratory tests and tests to detect and prevent animal, common and plant diseases, taking into account certificates of competence.

Acquire competency certificates in all tests used in the Section and collaborate with staff in the Section.

Oversee the receipt, registration, and classification of samples received from relevant ADAFSA sectors and samples of VIPs, define the criteria for analyzing samples, and deliver them to the laboratories designated by ADAFSA.

Receive and review the results of analyses and sample data received from laboratories and use them as an input to databases to prepare reports that support decision-making.

Ensure that samples are sent to third parties.

Conduct routine sample analysis, review analysis results and provide conclusions and observations.

Ensure that all tasks related to the laboratory are completed.

Ensure that consumables and equipment are used correctly and in a timely manner to avoid the possibility of expiration of unused materials or shortages of materials that affect the continuity of testing services.

Ensure the construction of a data bank for the genetic sequence of pathogens.

Participate in the implementation of corrective actions as needed with regard to all activities within the Section.

Participate in the development and validation of analytical methods.

Supervise the performance of autopsies to diagnose diseases and determine their causes and circumstances of death.

Ensure the availability of the necessary equipment and materials and ensure their availability and provide other logistical support for testing operations in a timely manner.

Maintain preventive measures for the laboratory in terms of order and cleanliness.

Participate in emergency response by analyzing or processing samples.

Be aware of the requirements of continuity management systems and controls for the business risk management system in ADAFSA.

Perform any tasks assigned by the direct manager.


Bachelor’s degree in Laboratory Management, Veterinary Sciences or a similar specialization.

Minimum of 2 years of experience in the field.

Advanced proficiency in Arabic and English languages (both written and spoken)

Abu Dhabi Agriculture & Food Safety Authority is the local authority in charge of agriculture, food safety, food security and biosecurity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It aims to develop a sustainable agriculture and food sector and protect the health of animals and plants to enhance the biosecurity and achieve food security. In addition, the authority is responsible for preparing plans, programs and activities in the field of agriculture, food safety and food security
The authority is assigned to control and inspect the Emirate’s food and agriculture establishments, farms, agricultural inputs, imported and exported food and agricultural items or those produced in the country and circulated in the Emirate, to ensure the access of safe food to the community. It also supervises the establishment and management of emergency food reserves in cooperation with the competent authorities.
The Authority is creating partnerships and investments with investment funds, investors and the private sector in the areas of its work, as well as issuing the needed licenses and permits to undertake any agriculture or food activity according to legislation in force.

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