Labour Job In Abu Dhabi


provide physical assistance and support in various construction, manufacturing, or other manual labor-intensive settings. perform general tasks, including lifting, moving, and carrying materials, operating basic tools and equipment, and maintaining a clean and organized work environment,

ultimately contributing to the smooth progress of projects and ensuring a safe and productive working environment.

Job Responsibilities

Carry out physical tasks such as lifting, moving, and transporting materials, tools, and equipment to designated areas on the job site.

Assist with the setup and dismantling of construction or work areas, including erecting temporary structures, scaffolding, or barriers as required.

Operate basic hand tools and equipment under supervision, following safety guidelines and instructions provided by more experienced workers.

Maintain a clean and organized work environment by clearing debris, sweeping, and disposing of waste materials appropriately.

Follow instructions and work collaboratively with the team to complete tasks efficiently, ensuring adherence to project timelines and quality standards.

A member of Ghobash Group, EEIC is an EPC Contractor & Vendor with interests in the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors of the Middle-East and UAE and was established in Abu Dhabi in 2002.

Our principal industries include Oil & Gas both onshore and offshore, petrochemical & refineries, power & utilities and infrastructure.

We are registered and pre-qualified as an EPC contractor and vendor with the ADNOC Group of Companies in the UAE and major oil and gas companies in Iraq.
The company was established in 2002 and is providing the following services:
Studies and detail design
Production marshaling and DCS Cabinets
Low current electrical systems
Power Quality monitoring & improvement
Virtual Instrumentation
Process control systems
Applied Electronic
Fire & gas, security & CCTV systems
All electrical activities in hazardous areas
Metrology & calibration
After-sale services and maintenance


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