Lobby Lounge Manager – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


What are we looking for?

A high level of Standards.

Efficiency and punctuality.

Attention to detail.

A warm and friendly character.

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

An individual who leads and inspires others.

Previous experience in luxury hospitality/customer service.

Lives and breathes the Shangri-La Values.

What will you do?

To implement service standards and procedures to ensure that they are achieved and followed by proper training, supervision, and control.

To rotate and schedule all staff to provide full coverage for efficient service and to maximize productivity.

To motivate, educate and develop staff on a continuous basis to achieve an overall maximum of efficiency and confidence.

To minimize guest complaints, but if it should occur, to take remedial action immediately.

To ensure that all guests are greeted and seated courteously without delay at a properly set and clean table.

To ensure that all guests are served promptly.

To check on guest satisfaction by talking to the guest.

To stress the importance of personal cleanliness, grooming and that the staff do not deviate from the prescribed uniform.

To be constantly on the look for ways and means to improve the smooth running of the operation.

To work closely with the Chef in charge of the Kitchen on quality and cost control of food.

To coordinate with the Chief Steward and bar service for the back-up services.

We expect your outlet to be very busy due to high turnover which means most house guests and a lot of local guests will patronize this outlet. Therefore, it is important that everything possible should be done to give our guests a good impression of our hotel by making sure that food, service and all other facilities are of high quality.

The cleanliness, tidiness and orderliness of the outlet is of utmost importance.


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