Operator Heavy Vehicle Job In Abu Dhabi


Job Specific Accountabilities

Inspects the vehicle before loading to ensure that routine maintenance checks have been carried out by workshop personnel and informs any defects to the Distribution Supervisor. Checks availability of hoses and couplings in the vehicle. Ensures that the product compartment of the vehicle is empty before loading any products. Ensures that fuel tanks are full before proceeding on trips and that the vehicle is properly sealed before proceeding to deliver the product.

Obtains instructions from Dispatch Supervisor and handover to loaders in order to load the products. Ensures that compartments are sealed after loading.

Heavy Vehicle Operator drives road tanker from loading bay to various customer or filling station/depot locations and back, according to dispatch schedules and work shifts.

Assist the supply operator for connection/disconnection and loading of road tankers in the loading gantry.

Collects Product Delivery Note/Product Transfer Notes from Dispatch Supervisor. After loading is finished gives them to the depot gate. Handover Product Delivery Note/Product Transfer Notes to customers/filling stations for their signature and returns them to Dispatch Assistant / Dispatch Supervisors after delivery of products.

Connects and disconnects hoses to storage tanks at customer/filling station/depot locations. Ensures that the person in charge off-loading and receiving the product at a customer site or filling station is present and ready to receive the product.

Inspects the vehicle prior to use and ensures that the vehicle is in suitable working condition and fit for delivery of product. Ensures that hoses, couplings, dipsticks and fire extinguisher are on the vehicle. Checks oil, tires, lights, cleanliness (particularly windshields) prior to leaving the depot. Reports any abnormal noises, defects or vibrations to supervisor. Takes vehicle to out-sourced garages as directed to be cleaned, serviced and repaired. Attends the vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown, until the arrival of the workshop crew.

Complies with all safety rules and regulations and adheres to (particularly speed limits) including the use of protective clothing and equipment. Maintain & keep the work environment in a clean and tidy condition including removal of waste and spillages.

Provides outstanding customer service and strives to provide a high level of service to all customers, at all times to ensure customer loyalty.

Performs other similar or related duties when assigned by Distribution Team Leader or direct supervisor.

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