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Data collection and cleaning. Collecting the data from the relevant sources (typically available on-line, either in public or academic databases), and cleaning the data.

Regression analysis. Such as using OLS, IV, panel, spatial econometrics. Expect the assistant to take initiative in exploring the results and in investigating robustness.

Quantitative analysis. Potentially apply economic models, for example using Monte Carlo simulations.

Documentation. Provide well-commented code, write up results in reports and create tables and figures communicating the findings. These must be sufficiently clear such that I or someone else can continue from where you left-off, if necessary.

Literature review. Review prior work to help inform directions we will take in the project

Paper writing. Writing up the findings in an academic paper.

The candidate will also work on individualized research projects under the supervision of the faculty during the duration of his/her tenure.

Required Education

Ph.D. in Economics or similar quantitative discipline (Computational Social Science, Computer Science, etc)

Required Skills

Data analysis including knowledge of econometrics/statistics

Data management: collection, organization, cleaning

Programming language skills, especially with statistical languages (e.g. STATA)

Project management: management of code (organization, commenting, version history, etc), time

Interpersonal skills: teamwork, communication (including ability to intuitively explain technical concepts)

Organizational skills: proactive, independence, initiative, critical thinking, problem solving, responsive

Preferred Skills

Experience with GIS/satellite data/etc

Relevant economic theory (models in international trade, urban, labor, etc)

Experience with quantitative economic modeling (e.g. trade/spatial models), Monte Carlo simulations, and associated software (e.g. Matlab)

Familiarity with the relevant literature

Personal statement: motivation, interest in position, relevant experience, future plans, etc

Transcript of highest degree (plus other degrees if in relevant field)


Two letters of recommendation

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