Principle Technician – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Key Accountabilities:

Hardware Manufacturing Support:

Assist with all tests related to hardware manufacturing processes, including setup, data collection, and troubleshooting.

Support in maintaining workshop-related equipment and tooling for prototype warhead manufacturing.

Warhead Testing and Setup:

Collaborate with the team to assist in all warhead-related tests, setups, and data collection activities.

Technical Assistance:

Provide technical support to other divisions within the EMSS group as required, sharing knowledge and expertise to help achieve project goals.

Documentation and Compliance:

Compile and maintain accurate records and documents related to equipment, tools, and testing procedures.

Ensure strict compliance with safety policies and procedures at all times to maintain a safe working environment

Audits and Inspections:

Conduct regular audits and inspections related to equipment, tools, and safety protocols to identify areas for improvement and ensure adherence to standards.

Precision and Timely Delivery:

Execute tasks with precision and attention to detail, meeting or exceeding established timelines to achieve set KPIs

Experience & Education Qualifications:

Expertise: At least 4 years of hands-on experience in the product testing environment.

Minimum Qualification: High School diploma or equivalent. Mechanical Certificate/Experience with a good technical background in field tests, machinery, power and hand tools

Defence Industry Expertise: Broad experience in hand and power tools. Interpretation of technical drawings.

Key Skills:

Proven technical leadership ability, and personnel development

Proven team player

Sound communication capability with technical personnel and suppliers.

Good knowledge of power and hand tools.

Knowledge of Technical drawings.

Knowledge of safety procedures in a testing environment.

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