Quality Controller Job In Dubai

Key Accountabilities:

Create an adequate inspection and testing plan to perform thorough inspection and quality checks throughout the process

Carry out quality monitor on all materials taking part in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly, including PCB bare boards, stencil, components, solder paste etc, in accordance with the Goods Receipt Note (GRN), design data and data sheets

Perform incoming inspection of bare PCBs in conformance to ICP6012 and IPC6013 class III standards

Verify Pick & Place Step Program against the work breakdown structure (WBS) to ensure precise and correct placement of components on the Printed Circuit Board

Conduct visual inspection of first board for correctness, alignments and orientations against the WBS including the visual inspection of solder quality as per the technical requirements (IPC-A-610 Class III)

Ensure that Build History Scanning is adhered to and verified regularly

Conduct process inspection and quality control during SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly to test the performance, analyse and deal with flaws and defects in time, including solder paste printing, chip mounting and reflow soldering

Perform in-process inspection and quality control after each significant procedure so that defects occurring in the last procedure can be exposed in time with unqualified products entering the next link

Return to the process or semi-finished stage for the repair and re-inspection of nonconforming products and unqualified conditions followed by final verification in the testing stations to determine acceptability

Compile serial number list for goods receipt into main store; maintain filing system for GRN’s, Goods Receipt Notes and Quality Notifications (QN)

Verify and compare Bill of Materials and kit during kit release, also verify PDI and compare with data pack during production order release

Maintain right level of ESD protection required for the PCB as per the ESD grounding requirements

Ensure the execution of test equipment commissioning and establishment of maintenance requirements

Ensure effective control of calibration and consumable expiry processes

Verify that correct route card templates and concurrent media are uploaded in eBHD

Ensure approved baseline change is submitted to the production line

Verify that correct revision ATPs and inspection lists are used during production order execution

Perform final inspection and approval of product release to next phase or storage according to IPC-A-610 Class III

Collaborate with the Quality Assurance Department, Manufacturing Department and Engineering Department to identify and implement continuous process improvement initiatives

Experience & Education Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Mechanical or Electronics Engineering

Extended training in Quality Control principles / Certified in IPC Class II Soldering

5 years of relevant experience in a similar role including Assembly and test experience, technical drawing interpretation, non-conformance reporting and control of non-conforming items

Key Skills:

Knowledge of PCB inspection techniques and technologies

In Depth Knowledge of IPC workmanship standards

In depth knowledge and understanding of automated PCB production processes

Knowledge of Solder Wires, Solder Paste, Cleaning chemicals, conformal varnish and other consumable items used in PCB Manufacture

Ability to solder to IPC Class III

Ability to assist in technical fault-finding processes

Knowledge and understanding quality control in the engineering industry, including software, electronics and mechanical fields

Knowledge of Blank PCB attributes and how to access acceptable attributes form rejected ones

Attention to detail

Problem solving

Communicating and influencing

Ability to distinguish colours, fine circuit details and tones

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