Senior Configuration Officer Job In Dubai

Key Accountabilities:

Understand all principles of Documentation Management and Control and implementation of processes

Understand and implement requirements of the CM Standard EIA-649C on applicable projects

Compile and maintain Configuration Management Plans (CMP)

Liaise with project team to gain an in-depth understanding of the configuration requirements of the project

Identity CM requirements that cover the system, hardware, software and data/info requirements

Collaborate with the project design / development team to provide support on multiple, concurrent configuration baselines aligned with the CM Plans

Apply Verification mechanisms to ensure correct baselines are delivered

Ensure adherence to the established CM procedures in context to the respective projects

Produce reports on configuration status of specific projects

Conduct System, Functional and Physical audits to validate the accuracy of product data per product

Coach, guide engineers on the Configuration Management Processes they need to follow

Experience & Education Qualifications:

High school diploma

Be certified in and International CM Course (Minimum 4 Courses)

Technical background with diplomas in either Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

10+ years of extensive hands-on experience in configuration management / document control within a system engineering methodology in a technology company

Key Skills:

Knowledge of ANSI/EIA 649

Knowledge of System engineering principles

Knowledge of Software CM systems

Attention to detail

Customer focus

Result driven

Building and managing relations

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