Senior FPGA Design Engineer Job In Dubai


Key Accountabilities:

Generation of specification for FPGA systems and sub-systems.

Planning of FPGA activities to comply to specification.

Design of FPGA algorithms and related solutions on VIVADO and VHDL.

Creates codes and coding to achieve implementation of FPGA solutions.

Integration, test, and evaluation of FPGA solutions. (Design of testing procedures.)

Evaluation and support of designs on XILINX family of products.

Generate subsystem technical documentation.

Technical consultant on FPGA methodology and related software certification requirements.

Mentorship and training of junior technical personnel.

Basic knowledge of and experience of the DO-254 standard.

Experience & Education Qualifications:

7+ years of applicable experience in digital and FPGA-based design and development. Exposure to DO-254 development methodology. XILINX family knowledge will be an advantage.

Bachelor degree in Electronic/Computer Engineering or higher. Post graduate training/qualifications in FPGA-related technologies will be an advantage.

FPGA IC-level hardware development.

FPGA Firmware development using VIVADO and/or VHDL.

FPGA low level software development.

FPGA system and subsystem integration, test and evaluation.

System/subsystem technical documentation.

Accept responsibility of technical performance on subsystem level.

Pleasant, collaborative personality able to function as part of a team.

Ability to work independently.

Ability to mentor and train junior personnel.

FPGA technical consultant.

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