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Active contribution to the preparation of operational plans and performance indicators at the level of the Registration and Subscription Department to enable it to achieve the institutional and operational goals it seeks to achieve in accordance with best practices.

Implementing and following up on the processes related to registering and engaging members in the Fund in a correct manner from the beginning of their service until its end, and updating their functional and financial variables.

Implementing and following up on the processes related to analyzing and recording the data of government agencies and their authorized persons on the Fund’s portal, and verifying the accuracy of their data in accordance with the approved directions in this regard.

Analyze and verify the conformity of monthly subscription deductions reports, subsequent reports, and related discrepancies reports in accordance with the financial and functional variables of subscribers listed on government systems and databases, and approve them in coordination with the unit concerned with managing the Fund’s accounts.

Implementing and following up on the collection of monthly subscription deductions from subscribers, loanees, holders of senior positions and executive positions, and the monthly financial support amounts allocated by the government, and verifying the compliance of all parties with the accuracy of their supply according to their predetermined deadlines.

Implementing and following up on all processes related to the settlement of transfer and secondment cases between military departments and other government agencies to ensure continuity and continuity of the period of service calculated for the purposes of pension or reward.

Implementing and following up on all operations related to the settlement of financial receivables for those whose services have ended and ensuring the full payment of contributions and the return of any contributions paid in excess.

Providing training and periodic technical support to the commissioners of military agencies and borrowing agencies on the Fund’s system portal regarding registering subscribers, submitting monthly subscription reports, and submitting requests for transfer, loan, and termination of service.

Implementing and following up on requests for calculating and settling monthly contributions submitted by employers, subscribers and those whose services have ended on the Fund’s system portal, responding to their inquiries and determining their priorities in coordination with the relevant organizational units in the Fund.

Preparing drafts of technical memoranda and expressions of opinion regarding the processes of calculating, settling and refunding contributions and any other aspects related to them within the functional competence.

Communicating with military departments and official authorities in the country related to the Fund’s work regarding registration procedures, subscriptions, loans and transfers, and responding to any inquiries.

Preparing periodic financial reports and technical statistical data on the numbers and data of subscribers to the Fund to support work plans and programmes, studies anticipating the future and supporting government plans and strategies.

Contributing to the preparation of the annual report on the department’s work and financial activities and its work progress, and explaining the obstacles and challenges faced in implementation processes and proposing methods to address and avoid them.

Continuous follow-up and review of developments in the field of specialized work related to calculating and collecting insurance contributions and applications in general, presenting proposals and creative initiatives in accordance with best practices, and coordinating and communicating with the various concerned authorities in the country in this regard.

Any other tasks or duties related to the nature of the work as assigned


Basic educational qualifications and years of experience

Finance, accounting, or any other related disciplines

(3) years of bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in similar fields of work

Additional: specialized professional certificates in the field of job specialization,

Professional Diploma Program (Malayon)

Professional financial and accounting certificates / CMACPA

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