Senior Warranty Engineer Job In Dubai


Purpose Of The Role

Review the warranty claims, understand the volumes and trends of issues by root cause analysis and what contributes to them. Analyse the data to understand what corrective actions need to be taken.

Understand whether the countermeasures implemented will bring products produced back into acceptable tolerances as quickly as possible.

Understand cause and effect of taking corrective actions and their effectiveness to deliver warranty returns into target to make recommendations.

Work independently with minimal supervision and work is reviewed at project milestones and/or on completion.

Key Responsibilities

Originate the WARRANTY NOTIFICATION FORM when a warranty issue is identified by the COMPANY and/or its Stake holders / relevant parties, duly identifying following.

Ø Details of Fault / problem

Ø The apparent cause and related facts highlighting operating data if any, circumstances leading up to the issue and the actions taken prior and after the event.

Ø Type of deficiency noted (as per the CONTRACT)

Ø Maintenance / Integrity Records as applicable

Ø Attaching any relevant data available, including photos, observations, measurements, etc. that can aid the problem analysis.

Ø Provide suggestion/recommended action to be taken by CONTRACTOR.

Ø maintain the Warranty claim register and allocate WCN number and issue the WCN for further action with Contractor.

Inform CONTRACTOR through agreed channel of communication i.e. advance communication through e-mail for immediate action, followed by formal letters.

Periodically review the log of all WARRANTY ITEMS and a summary status regarding their resolution.

Coordinate with the CONTRACTOR during resolution of the warranty claim. Organize meeting along with OPS team with Contractor on regular basis to review the overall status of the open WCs.

Upon attending the Warranty claim, Contractor will close out the WCN and issue to COMPANY warranty coordinator.

Upon receipt of the same and satisfactory close out of the Warranty Item (WI) by CONTRACTOR, COMPANY will close out the WI by formally notifying CONTRACTOR.

Ensure lessons learned from warranty analysis are documentation and communicated across all new projects.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent

Experience in major upstream Oil & Gas projects experience, in Project Execution (EPC) in materials management and handover with detailed knowledge on warranty claims and handover procedures of project as Warranty Claim Engineer in major projects.

Coordination / Communication skills and very good knowledge of spoken and written English language.

In depth knowledge in contractor and vendor management with respect to materials, system and equipment handover.

Good co-ordination skills.

Good written and verbal communication skills.

Good teamwork and interpersonal skills.

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