Site Manager Job In Dubai


The person appointed will be responsible for but not limited to:

1. Review of contract documentation, project schedules, bills of quantity, construction and design information to produce and implement a project plan original.

2. Direct and motivate staff to successfully achieve the project plan.

3. Ensure that the construction documentation is timeously available, sufficiently detailed and coordinated to enable the works to be carried out.

4. Administrate the coordination with contractors, subcontractors and consultants.

5. Attend, coordinate and record regular consultant, contractor, and subcontractor meetings and give instructions to the project team based on these meetings.

6. Oversee the coordination of all Local Authorities’ submissions, approvals, inspections etc., to ensure fully commissioned and functional building handover.

7. Oversee and guide the project team to ensure that efficient engineering, production and scheduling of the project occur, namely:

Technical material submittals for all materials, equipment and systems and obtaining consultant/client approval for the same.

Preparation, coordination and submission for approval purposes of all shop drawings, design calculations and technical submittals.

Sourcing, ordering (through Procurement) and logistics of all materials and equipment as per approved material submittals and shop drawings for the installation works to be completed.

Site management and coordination of all Fitout activities as per project working schedules.

Conducting all equipment material inspections with the consultant representative.

Preparation and submission of all materials, equipment and systems installation method statements.

Preparation and submission of all installation inspection requests and getting consultant approval for the same.

Conducting all equipment and systems testing and commissioning activities in coordination with suppliers and consultant representatives.

Design coordination with Main contractors, subcontractors, Interior designers, Architects and Consultants.

8. Implement, oversee and guide the project team to ensure project planning and resources scheduling is provided for the successful completion of the project:

Provide and maintain detailed project schedules (program, information, procurement, engineering), action plans, activities and deadlines within the parameters of the contract program.

Planning and scheduling of works to ensure that sufficient resources are available to maintain or exceed project contractual requirements, inclusive of subcontractors.

Monitor, record and coordinate the field activities and actual resource production rates.

Monitor, record and coordinate project requirements with other trades, contractors, subcontractors and consultants.

Monitor and revise the project schedule as necessary to incorporate revisions to the scope of works, delays and extensions.

9. Implement and oversee project commercial aspects:

Ensure that the project team correctly identify and record payment certification. Coordinate with contractor/consultant to ensure timeous processing of certificates.

Ensuring that the project team quantify and record all delays, abortive works, cost and extension of time claims, verbal instructions, variations and omissions.

Ensure that the project team maintains daily, weekly and monthly site records.

Ensure that the contract closeout procedures are administered in line with the contractual and commercial requirements.

Report project status to Project Director / General Manager as required (contractual, commercial and program).

10. Contract improvement actions:

Protecting the interests, risks and financial position of ALEC by ensuring adherence to the company procedures.

Continuously implementing efficient construction methods and techniques.

Querying drawing, specification and design details with Architect and Consultant directly or indirectly.

Ensure that engineering, works, materials and equipment logistics are correctly scheduled and planned in order for the project to be delay-free.

Ensure that quality assurance and quality control protocols are applied and adhered to on the project.

ALEC Engineering and Contracting L.LC. (ALEC), part of the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), is a large construction company with related businesses operating in the GCC and with a presence in Africa. ALEC has consistently evolved and grown over the last 20 years to become a trusted partner for the execution of complex and iconic construction projects. The company builds and provides construction solutions to exceed our clients expectations for quality, safety, functionality, and aesthetics.
ALEC has extensive experience in complex projects across diverse sectors including airports, retail, hotels & resorts, high-rise buildings, themed projects as well as construction management, design management, estimating, cost planning and procurement.
ALEC also possesses a Design and Build capability, which enables us to provide integrated construction solutions to our clients. ALEC offers its clients a complete turnkey solution including construction, MEP, fit-out, energy efficiency and solar solutions, heavy equipment rental and modular construction solutions.

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