Superintendent Terminal Operations Job In Abu Dhabi

Schedule, coordinate supervise, and monitors the day-to-day operating activities and management of a marine terminal operations to ensure safe and effective provision of marine services to ships, vessels, and other marine units that interface with the terminal facilities for commercial, safety, or any other business under the supervision of the department manager, section head, or team leader.

Direct and control operational activities related to terminal operations to ensure quality of services meets with recognized criteria and approved guidelines and to eliminate any hazard exposure to company facilities objectives

Monitors and supervises the enactment of established operations controls for all terminal activities to ensure performance in accordance with safety requirements and policy provisions

Evaluate work progress and achievements to recognize deviations from set targets and recommend changes

Develop and issue contingency plans to ensure readiness and preparedness to deal with emergency situations and participates in drill exercises to ensure safety of personnel, environment, and facilities

Review and evaluate reports, log books, and statistics submitted by staff members, supervisors and operators or vessels masters to recognize unsafe work conditions and modify work procedures to eliminate any safety hazards

Evaluate any alterations to approved schedules or any deviations from original programs and recommend necessary changes to ensure minimum impact on targets and achievements

Allocate material, human and financial resources to ensure reliability and eliminate any safety hazards to terminal team members or ships services

Direct the scheduling and dispatching of terminal resources to ensure work activities are in line with shipping schedules and approved work conditions

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor Degree in Marine Engineering or equivalent degree

At least 8 years experience in the same or similar role in marine services to ships, vessels, and other marine units that interface with the terminal facilities

Relevant professional certification

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