Video Editor/Videographer Job In Dubai


What This Job Involves

Assist in planning and creating short video content (TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram)

Performing the full range of editing works from splicing to sound balancing to color correction and color grading.

Able to handle all aspects of pre-production and post-production work

Set up, manage and operate various production equipment, including cameras, audio and video recorders, lighting equipment, and microphones for location and studio production.

Manage all stages of video production, including project conception, filming, capturing professional-quality audio, editing, distribution and archiving.

Maintains proper levels and calibration of cameras, audio and video recorders, and other production equipment

Ability to adapt existing content to make fit-for-purpose on social media platforms

Able to prioritize and manage multiple project deadlines simultaneously

Adhere to strict deadlines and able to work under pressure

Sound like you? To apply, you need to be/have:

Proficient in editing software, strong skills in Final Cut Pro is a plus

Excellent knowledge of audio balancing and color grading, sequencing of clips, motion graphics and exporting in a variety of formats

A strong sense of storytelling is a plus

Skill in visualizing and shooting concepts effectively

Able to use the latest cameras and lenses

Has a creative eye for shots

Great attention to detail in a fast-paced environment

Good communication skills

Able to work independently and collaboratively

Must be a Jordanian national who is currently residing in UAE

Nas Daily Studios is a global social media agency with offices in Singapore, Dubai, San Francisco and remote teams around the world.
We engage with over 65 million followers.
We have over 15 billion views in 14 languages.
Governments, thought leaders, and major brands collaborate with us because we know what works for today’s audience.
And that’s because content creation is our “bread and butter” – we live it and breathe it…Every. Single. Day.
We provide a whole range of services in the content creation industry, from video/series production to localization, full-blown social media management, and even managing large-scale creator campaigns and events.
Nas Daily was founded with a single mission: bring people together and we do that through storytelling. We are telling stories from around the world to tens of millions of individuals. It’s a lot of fun – and we believe what we are doing matters.
And we work very hard to achieve our mission. This isn’t the standard 9 to 5 job or standard company.
If this aligns with your mission, reach out. Let’s build a social media strategy for you that guarantees views and viral content. Write us today at [email protected].


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